West Lafayette Adventure

Yesterday afternoon I went on a road trip down to Purdue for a collaborative photo shoot with one of my good friends from IWU, Rachael. I asked my best friend from home, Becky who goes to Purdue if she would model for us and I'm thankful she was able to take some time during her busy schedule to help us out! We found the perfect location right across the street from Becky's apartment which was a great time saver. Unfortunately, the day ended with me getting my car keys jammed in the ignition and Becky locking herself out of her apartment so I was stranded two hours away from home. Luckily, I have some great friends who go to Purdue that were nice enough to take me in and even cook dinner for me while I waited for my parents to come and rescue me! I also ended up with a terrible cold that I will more than likely get to start the school year off with next week but at least we got some awesome images and will have a story to share for years to come! Here's to making the best out of an unfortunate situation and great friends!