The Space Between: A Fine Art Photography Exhibit

My final undergrad photography project was my series shown in The Space Between, a class exhibition for my Fine Art Photography course. Fine Art Photography is imagery that is created in accordance with the creative vision of the photographer and contains a concept that is personal for the artist. Fine Art is not an area of photography that I am extremely passionate about, but this class was good for me because it forced me to push myself and dig deeper inside myself in order to end up with my final series. Due to the fact that this body of work is personal to me and stems from my own experiences, no one else will see this project the same way I do, and that's perfectly okay. Below is a shot of all eight of my images on the way for the exhibit and my artist statement follows as well as each of the images individually. 

Artist Statement

Distancing ourselves and hiding information about who we are from other people is often a natural reaction for many individuals. This is especially true for those of us who find it difficult to let others in to the point where they truly know the details of who we are. We wonder if someone really gets to know us, will they like what they find? Individuals often pick and choose what information they share and what they withhold. As we grow closer to someone, we make a conscious choice to reveal more of ourselves and as a result, who we are becomes clear. 

These eight photographs withhold important visual cues that would indicate the true identity of the subjects. Though some indication of who the individuals are can be made, there is a vast amount of detail that remains missing. The closer the subjects positioned themselves to the barrier, the clearer they became. This action directly relates to how we interact with people in our lives.