Let's go for a drive.

Yesterday I went on a photography adventure with two of my good friends and fellow photo majors, Sophie and Lauren.  We have a Polaroid project due this week so we decided to spend our Sunday afternoon driving around Marion in an attempt to complete our projects. From driving the wrong way down a one way (twice) to finding an abandoned baby doll on the side of the road and getting to explore an abandoned house, I think it's safe to say it was quite the adventure. 

Check out Sophie's work on Facebook at Sophie Stewart Photography.

Incase you didn't know, Sophie has some pretty cool hair.

Trying to decide if the abandoned house was safe to enter.

We stopped at Meijer to get a peach for Sophie's project. Unfortunately it was pretty rotten.

Timing our Polaroids.

Waiting for her polaroid to develop!

Check out Lauren's work on Facebook at Led Photography.


For some reason the photo department has the beginning of a baby doll collection (yes we know that's odd) so when we found one on the side of the road we rescued it and decided to name is Ansel (after Ansel Adams).