B&C Jarocha Dresses

When Becky and Cristy asked me to take photos of them in their traditional Jarocha dresses, I was honored that they trusted me to capture something so special to them. In Mexico, each state has its own traditional costume. The Jarocha dress is the traditional dress for the state of Veracruz, which is where their family is from. For their Quince Años (15th) birthday parties, Becky and Cristy's Kika (grandma) made both of them their very own Jarocha dress. To this day, Jarocha dancers still perform in these costumes. 

For anyone who knows these two, it won't be hard for you to believe that there was a lot of laughter and goofing off during the shoot, which is what made it such a success. Several of these photos were accidental and in the moment shots, my favorite kind! As I was waiting for the photos to upload onto my computer, I knew I was going to have a hard time deciding which ones I wanted to edit. It's safe to say I may have been a little "trigger happy" during this shoot. This month, their Kika will be turning 80. Just as she once gave them a special gift, they will be giving these photos to her as a gift as well. So shhh! No one tell! I hope you all enjoy them!