Wegener Wedding

On Jon and Abby’s wedding day, I asked Abby when she knew Jon was the man she was going to love for the rest of her life. Fighting back tears, she described the moment and said she had wanted to tell him she loved him that day, but ended up deciding against it. About an hour later, I asked Jon the same question, “Jon, when did you know Abby was the one?” It didn’t take long after he started talking for me to realize he was describing the exact same moment, only from his perspective. INSTANT CHILLS. This time, it was me who was fighting back the tears. It’s moments like this and couples like Jon and Abby who make me love what I do more and more. Jon and Abby, I was so honored to be your wedding photographer and videographer. A love like yours is incredibly special and I wish you many many years of happiness and taking out the trash together (see their highlight video at the bottom for reference).