As We Could Be was the Indiana Wesleyan University Art + Design 2016 spring senior exhibition. This exhibit included a variety of work by 23 different artists that shared stories, revealed commonness of humanity, and asked the question of what we could be. I designed this booklet for the show that viewers picked up at the door when they walked in. Its contents include each artist's statement about their work and helped guide visitors through the show.



I created Fourteen Fiftynine Magazine for my senior project at Indiana Wesleyan University as a way to give creative people the recognition they deserve. Indiana is filled with many highly talented individuals with an incredible love and passion for what they do. Fourteen Fiftynine Magazine unveils this extraordinary talent and shares the stories of each individual's journey towards discovering their passion. For this project I served as the sole designer, copy writer, editor, and photographer. Fourteen Fiftynine is an 80 page, perfect bound magazine printed by Excell Color Graphics.

To see more from this project, visit fourteenfiftynine.com



What's the story behind your door was a project created to showcase the town of Marion, Indiana and those who call it home. By interviewing residents of Marion, I was able to learn more about what makes the community special and it was a great way for me to meet and get to know new people.